Web Video Browser – a simplified browser that allows you to watch video from the social network VKontakte with your favorite video player – ES Player, MX Player or others.
Additionally supported treatment HTML5 video, YouTube iframe, the player from HDSerials .

Copyright holders: the application is not in itself sodezhit links to illegal content and in no way contributes to the spread of illegal content. The app only provides an alternative way to play the video posted on the public domain that the user finds their own list or portals.

How does this work:
1) Install Web Video Browser
2) Open the browser your favorite site with HD video that is hosted on a server VKontakte , HDSerials , or serving browsing through HTML5 Video Player
3) After the download page that hosts supported video, instead of frames with the Flash player will display thumbnails with the button “Play” (for HDSerials player previews are not available)
4) Press the square button to Play – opens a dialog box with a list of available video quality
5) Choose quality – opens a list of applications that can play video
6) Select the player and enjoy the show!

Just maintain open links from other browsers using the “Share” (Share) and the ability to quickly search from the address bar – it needs to enter a search phrase and click “Search”.

This browser will be useful for those who do not have the ability or desire to install Flash Player to view the videos from VKontakte, or simply do not like to watch the video through Flash.

PS: the application is not a full replacement for Adobe Flash Player, it only allows you to unearth the links from these video portals in an external player. Flash games are not poddezhivayutsya.
In the current version of the processed video social network VKontakte , HTML5 video, YouTube iframe, the player from the HDSerials

PS: Questions, suggestions and bug reports write through the appropriate form on the site or by post – anton.galanov@gmail.com

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